Great Sultan Great Sultan Great Sultan Great Sultan Great Sultan Great Sultan
Biography Biography
Tipu Sultan
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Tipu's Reign
Chronology of Events
Crusader for Freedom
Freedom Fighter par Excellence
Powerful System of Administration

Secular Policy

Secular Policy
Restoration of Sringeri Mutt
Other temples patronised by Tipu
Hindus in important civil posts
Hindus in important army posts
Fair policies
The French alliance
Policy towards prisoners of war
Some more on his impartiality...

Patriotic fervour
The first freedom fighter
His efforts on gathering support
A model army...a dread for enemies
Progressive thinking & Modernisation

Development work
Trade and Commerce
His interest in Agriculture
Social Reforms
Western political and economic development

Revolutionary thoughts
His message to convey to the posterity

Significance Of Tipu's Life
Vision and mission in life
Political freedom from British
Alliance of the indian powers
Technology, Commerce, Industry & Education
Industry in Karnataka and Foreign tie ups
Embodiment of Hindu - Muslim unity
Membership with Jacobin Club

Tipu's contribution to Rocket Technology

International Relations
External Policy
External Relations
Commercial Relations
Relations with Turkey
Relations with France

Alliance against the English
French Connection
Freindship with Louis XVI
Tipu's dream of a Republic
Relations with Afghanistan
Relations with Iran

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