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Tipu Sultan
Secular ruler beyond doubt 
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Secular Policy

Secular Policy
Restoration of Sringeri Mutt
Other temples patronised by Tipu
Hindus in important civil posts
Hindus in important army posts




Fair policies
The French alliance
Policy towards prisoners of war
Some more on his impartiality...


The French alliance

An important aspect of Tipu's policy which clearly brings out the secular and progressive character of his administration was his deep interest in the revolutionary ideas of France which percolated his court through the French officers. A  Jacobin Club of extreme revolutionary ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity was formed at Srirangapatna by the French soldiers commanded by M. Dompart, who was in Tipu's service. There were 59 members in this club, one of whom was Tipu himself. This club came into existence on 5th May 1797, the fifth year of the French Republic. The object of this club was to impart instructions in constitutional principles of democratic nature and for farming laws conformable to those prevailing in the Republic of France, which had enunciated lofty principles of human rights. This indicates to what extent Tipu had gone to absorb liberal thoughts, Ripaud was chosen as the president of the club and Tipu was just a member. While accepting its membership he declared, " Behold my acknowledgement of the standard of your country, which is dear to me, and to which I am allied; it shall always be supported in my country, as it has been in the Republic, my sister !"
Having said this Tipu planted the tree of liberty surmounted by the cap of equality. It is surprising that despite his full awareness of the absolute and unlimited power he possessed he called himself "Citizen Tipu" which is an acknowledgement of his growing consciousness within him that a ruler is a servant of the people.

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