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Tipu Sultan
Secular ruler beyond doubt 
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Secular Policy

Secular Policy
Restoration of Sringeri Mutt
Other temples patronised by Tipu
Hindus in important civil posts
Hindus in important army posts




Fair policies
The French alliance
Policy towards prisoners of war
Some more on his impartiality..


Policy towards prisoners of war

Tipu was far ahead of his times, the charge of religious intolerance levelled against him appears absurd. This charge is leveled by the English, who had suffered imprisonment at his hands because of their inveterate hostility towards him. But they forgot the fact that the sufferings of the English prisoners, however intense they might have been, were only the sufferings of those who had attempted to destroy him. It should be remembered that his harshness towards his enemies was based on political grounds and not religious. This fact could be known by the conditions he stipulated in his proposed treaty of alliance with French, which declared "I demand that male & female prisoners as well as English as Portuguese, who shall be taken by the republican troops or by mine, shall be treated with humanity and with regard to their persons that they shall be transported at our joint expense out of India to some place far distant from the territories of the allies ". Such thoughts surely indicate his humane veneer within even to those who were his inveterate foes. Such a person could hardly be harsh on his own subjects, no matter to what religion they belonged.


".....Looting a conquered enemy enriches a few; impoverishes the nations and dishonours the entire army. War must be linked to battlefields. Do not carry it to innocent civilians. Honour their children and the infirm."
.....From Tipu Sultan's decree in 1783, repeated in 1785, 1787 and possibly more often.

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