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Biography Biography
Tipu Sultan
A Great Ruler
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Significance Of Tipu's Life

Vision and mission in life
Political freedom from British
Alliance of the Indian powers

Technology, Commerce, Industry & Education

Industry in Karnataka and Foreign tie ups
Embodiment of Hindu - Muslim unity

Membership with Jacobin Club
Tipu's contribution to rocket technology

Membership with Jacobin Club

Tipu, a revolutionary figure deserves to be remembered for his fertility of mind which analysed the causes for the failure of the Indians to meet the challenges of the times. He found that the cross fertilization of ideas had met a natural death in India. That was the reason why he became a member of the Jacobin Club, planted the tree of "liberty" outside his palace and called himself "Citizen Tipu." The colonials never felt safe as long as he was alive. He had to die in the heat of explosive combustion of hostile forces, and never in apathy, inertia or uninventiveness.
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