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Tipu Sultan
A Great Ruler
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Significance Of Tipu's Life

Vision and mission in life
Political freedom from British
Alliance of the Indian powers

Technology, Commerce, Industry & Education

Industry in Karnataka and Foreign tie ups
Embodiment of Hindu - Muslim unity

Membership with Jacobin Club
Tipu's contribution to rocket technology

Technology, Commerce, Industry & Education

Despite the hectic political and military involvement, Tipu never ignored the main task of improving the life and conditions of his people. His improvement of agriculture and industry, his promotion of trade and commerce, his novel system of the administration of justice, his building up of a navy, his opening of factories far and near, and his despatch of embassies to different and distant lands, linked the small State of Mysore with the bigger world. He built an exceedingly efficient system of administration, which launched upon a series of innovative measures that would transform his State into a humming center of great industrial activity. He exerted his utmost to secure artisans and craftsmen from different countries to manufacture guns, muskets and a host of other commodities.
His reforming zeal touched almost every department of life including coinage and calendar, weights and measures, banking and finance, revenue and judiciary, army and navy, morals and manners, and social ethos and cultural affairs.

His creative vision envisaged the construction of a dam across the river Cauvery, the details of which still exist in an inscription installed at the gates of the present K.R.S. Dam. He was the one who developed the technology of rocket systems, and thought of establishing a university, which he named

Krishna Sagar Dam
Entrance gate to KRS
(Krishna Sagar Dam)
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