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Biography Biography
Tipu Sultan
A Great Ruler
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Significance Of Tipu's Life

Vision and mission in life
Political freedom from British
Alliance of the Indian powers

Technology, Commerce, Industry & Education

Industry in Karnataka and Foreign tie ups
Embodiment of Hindu - Muslim unity

Membership with Jacobin Club
Tipu's contribution to rocket technology

Industry in Karnataka & foreign tie ups

Silk industry in Karnataka owes its origin to Tipu, as also state monopoly in trade in such commodities as gold, tobacco, sandalwood, precious metals, elephants, pepper and timber.
He established a Co-operative Bank in which more dividends were given to depositors of small amounts. His administration of justice was linked to environment, where convicts were made to plant trees and rear them. For petty offences such plants were suggested which would grow fast, and for grave offences, those that would take long, like jamum, mango & coconut. Efforts were made to establish pearl-fisheries in Malabar by inviting divers from Muscat. Chinese were invited to help in the production of fine-quality sugar. A French engineer was asked to design an engine run by water for boring cannons. Thus, he was far ahead of his times in many respects. He organized a Board of Admiralty which controlled a navy of 22 lines of battle ships and 20 large frigates with 72 and 62 guns respectively, besides a fleet of merchant ships.
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