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Tipu Sultan
A Revolutionary thinker
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)


Revolutionary thoughts
His message to convey to Posterity
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His message to convey to Posterity

First, one should live and die for a cause, and the cause Tipu lived and died for was liberty, which is the soul of history.
Secondly, there is no security in life; there is only an opportunity. Those who make the best use of the opportunity, as he did, would live in history.
Thirdly, he taught us that one should not cut a tree to get the fruit. The tottering regimes of his times indulged too much in the process of destroying their own garden instead of making it grow. Whether it was the Nizam or the Marathas, they thought of their own gain, and not of the land.
Fourthly, Tipu was aware that India was a gold mine of limitless resources, which need to be tapped to make her people happy & prosperous. He struggled all his life to exploit the resourses of the land, so that the people could be happy.
Fifthly, Tipu's life reminds us that the need of the hour at all times is to shake off disunity, inetia, apathy, and uninventiveness. He set himself a good example of being dynamic, inventive and innovative. His fertile, restless and resourceful mind conceived so many projects that he would stand unexcelled.
Finally, the appreciative facts of his life penetrate time and space, and express the inner reality that man should rise from the fleeting pleasures of life and exigencies of the hour to realize that his destiny is to be a part of eternal development. Forces were at work during his times which stood in the way of development and he wanted to clear the path for this developments. Many great personalities of the world have remained enshrined in the hearts of the posterity, and have become bright stars on the horizon of human heritage. This is the inner-reality that is explicit in Tipu's life. It was his death that made him immortal.

"Agriculture is the life-blood of the nation. This land, rich and fertile, will reward those that work on it. Famine and want are either the result of sloth and ignorance or of corruption".
                                                         --Tipu's circular to al Amildars, 1788.

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