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Tipu Sultan
A Revolutionary thinker
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)


Revolutionary thoughts

His message to convey to  posterity
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Revolutionary thoughts

Tipu was revolutionary in thought and action. He fought all his life against cowardice, injustice and ignorance. His restless mind would come out every time with something new. He desired to teach them faster than they could learn. He had a zeal for innovations and a zest for modernization. What greater tribute could there be than an acknowledgement of his foresight even by his adversaries?
James Mill, a historian of the other camp, observes
"He(Tipu) had the discernment to perceive what is so generally hidden from the eyes of the rulers of a more enlightened state of society, that it is the prosperity of those who labour with their hands which constitutes the principle and cause of the prosperity of states; he, therefore, made it his business to protect them against the intermediate orders of the community by whom it is so difficult to prevent them from being oppressed....
His country was accordingly...the best cultivated and its population the most flourishing in India, while under the English and their dependencies, the population of the Carnatic and Oudh, hastening to the state of deserts, were the most wretched upon the face of the earth".

" 'Since receiving that letter, I have heard that frequently such labour
is being requinsitioned by Amildars either on their own or at the request or several departments. Therefore, I say this to you, let strict instructions be issued forthwith, for I see in such a practice the beginnings of a system slavery'.
'There can be no glory or achievements if the foundation of our places, roads and dams are mingled with the tears and blood of humanity'....."

                                                                                                                                  --Tipu Sultan

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