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Biography Biography
Tipu Sultan
A crusader of finest value
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Tipu's Reign

Chronology of Events
Crusader for Freedom
Freedom Fighter par Excellence

Powerful System of Administration

Powerful System of Administration

Coins of Tipu's era         Coins of Tipu's era
           Coins from Tipu's Era

More significant than Tipu's patriotic zeal was his creative vision which aimed at bringing about a social change in the condition of the people, in the improvement of the economic life of the masses, and in the enhancement of the prestige and prosperity of his state. His reforming zeal touched almost every department of life, including coinage and calendar, weights and measures, banking and finance, trade and commerce, agriculture and industry, morals and manners and social and cultural life. Had he not engrossed in his exasperating wars, he would surely have ushered his State into a revolutionary stage. He built up an efficient system of administration and was almost the first Indian ruler to apply western techniques in the heart of government. His innovative measures and dynamic policies made Mysore gain almost international importance in his times. All this would never have been possible had he not been progressive and secular in his character.

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