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Biography Biography
Tipu Sultan
A crusader of finest value
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Tipu's Reign

Chronology of Events
Crusader for Freedom
Freedom Fighter Par Excellence
Powerful System of Administration

Freedom Fighter par Excellence

The Britishers had never been confronted with a more formidable foe. His regime begins in the midst of war against the English, and ends in the midst of war against them. He never deviated from his goal,
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Freedom Fighter
never compromised himself to the main principles of his life , and never submitted himself to the supremacy of any foreign power. His plan of action to free India from colonial shackles forms an illustrious chapter of our history. He used all his means, energy, strength and resources not sparing even his life for the freedom of the land. Even in his dreams he remained engaged in a bitter fight against the English. His maxim was that "it was far better to live like a lion for a day than to live like a jackal for a hundred years".

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