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Tipu Sultan
A crusader of finest value
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Tipu's Reign

Chronology of Events
Crusader for Freedom
Freedom Fighter par Excellence
Powerful System of Administration

Crusader for Freedom

In the annals of our land, Tipu deserves to be remembered as the one who offered his blood to write the history of free India.

Tipu Sultan
Great moments of history are not those when empires were built, but those when human
spirit soared high to evolve, nourish, cherish and defend the finest values of life. All history is nothing but the unfolding drama of human freedom, political freedom, social freedom, cultural freedom and economic freedom. Tipu lived and died to personify and objectify the values of these freedoms. His short but stormy rule was eventful in many respects, but its main significance in life is his strong opposition to the British in India.

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