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Tipu Sultan
Steps towards Political development
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Alliance against the English

French Connection
Friendship with Louis XVI
Tipu's dream of a Republic
Relations with Afghanistan
Relations with Iran


Tipu's dream of a Republic

Despite the failure in getting military help from France, Tipu was constantly in touch with the French drilling into their ears that there was yet a golden chance for them to revive their influence in India provided they took a firm decission and stood solidly behind him. But all his pleadings were ineffective until Napoleon came to power. He realized that Tipu could be an effective instrument in forcing the English out of India. He wrote to Tipu from Egypt in 1798 to wait until his arrival in India for a major revolution that might liberate the Indians from the English yoke. Napoleon assured Tipu that he would surely assist him to make his dream come true. But meanwhile other factors conspired to defeat the whole scheme. Napoleon himself was defeated at Accre in Syria, which forced him to escape to France steathily. But Tipu did not spare any stone and turned to serve the cause of his country. He had come so close to French revolutionary ideas as to declare himself as "Citizen Tipu", start a Jacobin Club at his court, and plant a "Republican" tree out side his palace. In history it is not always a success that deserves notice, but the presence of a new idea, which has the potentiality of far-reaching results. His dream of a "Republic" came through about 150 years later when India ushered into a new era on 26th January 1950.
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