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Tipu Sultan
Steps towards Political development
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Alliance against the English

French Connection
Friendship with Louis XVI
Tipu's dream of a Republic
Relations with Afghanistan
Relations with Iran


Relations with Afghanistan

Tipu contacted Zaman Shah, the ruler of Afghanistan who ascended the throne in 1792. He was the grandson of Ahmed Shah Abdali, and like him a man of great military reputation. Even before the accession of Zaman Shah, Tipu had negotiated with Kabul to secure assistance. He had written in 1790-91 to Timur Shah, the father of Zaman Shah, and to the ministers of the Court seeking military aid. In 1796, two ambassadors were sent to Kabul to induce the Shah to undertake his meditated attack on Delhi to rescue the Mughal Emperor and to form an alliance with Tipu against the English. The Shah responded favorably to Tipu's request, and said that he would very soon carry out his intention of liberating the Mughal Emperor from the English hands.

Accordingly Zaman Shah moved towards India in December 1798 and came as far as Lahore, When in January 1799 he was compelled to beat a hasty retreat to Kabul, because the English meanwhile had engineered a rear action on his western frontier by inducing two Persians to seize the opportunities of his absence to attack Afghanistan. Wellesley had despatched a Shia from Moradabad to Iran who had excited Shia-Sunni differences & had successfully warded off the impending danger. Otherwise, as Wellesely put it, "...the glare of Victory, the influence of religion & the allurement of plunder will draw to his standard, numbers probably greater than have appeared united in one cause since the days of Aurangzeb." Here too Tipu was frustrated in his efforts to organize a grand confederacy against the English.


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