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Tipu Sultan
Steps towards Political development
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Alliance against the English

French Connection
Friendship with Louis XVI
Tipu's dream of a Republic
Relations with Afghanistan
Relations with Iran


Relations with Iran

Iran was yet another country with which Tipu had contacts. In 1797 the Prince of Iran having quarreled with his father arrived at Srirangapatna, was received with dignity and honor. Tipu lodged him in the suburbs of Ganjam, visited him frequently, and said at the time of his departure, "After you have made arrangements regarding the capital of the Sultanate of Persia, it is my wish that you & I in concert with Zaman Shah should endeavour to regulate and put in order the countries of Hindustan and Dekhan." The prince agreed to the proposal and promised to co-operate.
Tipu was more anxious to built commercial relations with Iran, knowing well it's military weakness. He desired to revive the old trade routes via Iran to Europe, and to establish commercial centers in Iran in return for similar facilities to the Persians in Mysore. He wrote a letter to this effect to the Shah of Iran and also sent an agent, Nurullah to impress on the Shah the importance of Political & Commercial contacts. Here also the British defeated Tipu's designs by exciting Shia-Sunni differences.

Thus Tipu's efforts to build international contacts for his political and military designs failed because of the superior diplomacy of the British, and also because of the unknown causes such as the out break of the French Revolution. Neither the French nor the Turks nor the Afghans were in a position to help him. A series of circumstances caused serious impediments in his way, while step by step they paved the way for British ascendancy in India.
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