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Biography Biography
Tipu Sultan
Steps towards Political development
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Alliance against the English

French Connection
Friendship with Louis XVI
Tipu's dream of a Republic
Relations with Afghanistan
Relations with Iran





French Connection

The French in India had disappointed Tipu in his expectation of close co-operation. Therefore, he thought of approaching their superiors in Paris. The French adventurers at Tipu's court encouraged him to hope for effective aid, if he were send an embassy to the court of Louis XVI. Therefore three Ambassadors with 45 men sailed for Europe from Pondicherry in July 1787 to conclude an offensive alliance against the English. Tipu asked for 10,000 troops to serve under his direct command. The first article of the proposed treaty stated that war was to be declared against the English, and was to be fought until the capture of Madras, Bombay & Bengal. The South was to be subjugated first and then the North. The envoys reached Toulon in June 1788. The French king had sent his own carpets to receive them.

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