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Tipu Sultan
The First Freedom Fighter
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Patriotic fervour

The first freedom fighter
His efforts on gathering support
A model army...a dread for enemies
Progressive thinking & Modernisation

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His efforts on gathering support

Tipu tried to enlist the support of Indian powers, particularly the Marathas and the Nizam. When the response was not encouraging he focused his attention to external aid either from France or Turkey or Iran or Afghanistan.
His embassies to Constantinople and Paris, his cordial relations with the French, his correspondence with Napoleon and Zaman Shah of Afghanistan were all for the single purpose of his confrontation with the English. As a result of this, his Kingdom, otherwise small in size, extent and resources, was drawn into the vortex of world politics, and gained the stature of global importance. His name would put to fright naughty children in England. His Ambassadors would receive red carpet reception in Paris, Constantinople and Kabul. Mysore had become " The terror of Leadenhall street" the head quarters of East India Company in London. His commercial depots were doted all over in West Asia. He raised the prestige of Mysore sky - high.

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