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Tipu Sultan
Step towards Economic development
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Development work

Trade and Commerce
His interest in Agriculture
Social Reforms
Western political and economic development

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Western political and economic development

Tipu had certain priorities. Freedom of the land topped the list. Any sacrifice was too small for its protection. Therefore, be diverted the resources of his state first to preserve and protect freedom. Manufacture of armaments was imperative without which neither he nor his state could survive. It was Tipu who assessed the trends of Western political and economic development, which aimed at subverting indian economy to suit colonial interests.
Instead of succumbing to foreign forces, Tipu attempted to present an alternative model which was his own brain-child, and which given an opportunity would have yielded good results. This model was to be evolved by grafting the western mercantilism on to the structure of Indian economy by eliminating the harmful effects of indigenous feudalism, and by giving a powerful push to the growth of Indian capitalism.
It was in the sphere of economic polices and measures that Tipu's role came to be unique among Indian rulers. He went for a substantive change in all aspects of economy, whether agriculture, trade or industry.

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