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Social Reforms

His social reforms included the prohibition of liquor. He put an end to the purchase and sale of abandoned girls and children. He discouraged use of tobacco. He checked lavish expenditure on the celebrations of weddings and brought other social reforms. His sense of justice could be guessed by the fact that he punished his eldest son, Fateh Haider, for taking vegetables without the permission of the owner. He thought of setting up a University at Srirangapatna and even named it as Jami-al-Umur. He started the first newspaper, Fauji Akhbar. He was himself an author, and knew besides Urdu, Persian and Arabic other language like Kannada, Marathi, English and French. More than 45 books were written during his times. His library consisted of 2000 manuscripts, one of them being the hand written Quran by Aurangazeb. He got a massive album prepared depiciting the pictures of all great Sufi saints both of India and abroad.

"......This is a matter in which we must be undeterred and undaunted by financial considerations. Total prohibition is very near to my heart. It is not a question of   religion alone. We must think of the economic well being and the moral height of our people and the need to build the character of your youth. I appreciate your concern for immediate financial loss but should we not look ahead? Is the gain to our treasury to be rated higher than the health and morality of our people...."
        --Tipu's memorandum to Mir Sadiq,1787

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