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Tipu Sultan
Step towards Economic development
By Prof. Sheik Ali
(Former Vice Chancellor of Goa & Mangalore Universities)

Development work

Trade and Commerce
His interest in Agriculture
Social Reforms
Western political and economic development

His interest in Agriculture

His great interest in agriculture could be known by the fact that he thought of constructing a dam exactly on the same spot where the present Krishnarajasagar Dam stands today. In the midst of war against the Marathas and the Nizam, he issued instructions to take care of the silk worms which were being brought from Bengal. Sericulture received great attention at his hands. He was so fond of horticulture and gardening that all his correspondence with foreign dignitaries would invariably carry a request for new varieties of seeds and plants. He changed the land tenure, which entitled the cultivators to own the land. He gave waste land free of rent for cultivation. He put an end to the farming of the land to the highest bidder, and appointment revenue officers for collecting revenue. He abolished the grant of "jagirs". He introduced "takavi" loans which helped the peasants in lean seasons. The existing forced labour was done away with. To discourage needless litigation, he encouraged the villagers to settle the disputes among themselves. His love of plants was so great that he hit upon a novel idea of dispensing justice. For various offences committed by the people, he fixed proportionate punishment, not of imposing fines nor of putting behind bars, but of making them plant trees, water them, and bring them up to a particular height.

This dam is being constructed by the Khudadad Government... Any one brings under cultivation any uncultivated land and grows crops, vegetables or fruits by irrigating it with water from this dam will be given all encouragement and concessions.. the newly cultivated land shall belong to the cultivator and his descendants.. and no one shall dispossess him.
                                -- Inscription on the foundation stone on K.R.S. Dam  on the Cauvery River.

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