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Frequently asked Questions

1. What is the exact birth year of Tipu Sultan, Is it 1749,’50 or ’52?
     The exact year of Tipu Sultan’s birth date is not definite. Some authors mention
     his birth year to be 1750 but ‘52 is generally accepted by most of the historians.

2. It is said that Tipu Sultan was a fanatic, that he forced Hindus to convert to
    Islam, is it true?

    We have not come across any authentic documents or statement about any
     ill-treatment of  Hindus, who outnumber his subjects belonging to all other
    communities. On the  contrary, there is an overwhelming  evidence in the
    historical records of his fair &  freindly treatment of the Hindus.

3. Who was the pioneer of  sericulture, sugar, sandalwood, paper industry,
    toy industry, arms & armaments & ship building in India?

    A large number of workshops were set up by Tipu Sultan which manufactured
    guns, muskets, glass, cannon, paper, cutlery, cloth, sugar, and a host of other
    articles. For sericulture cutlery and sandalwood he had experts from China to    setup related industries. It was his dream to keep Mysore in the vanguard of        ship-building industry.

4. What happened to Tipu Sultan’s descendents after his death?
    His descendents were at first sent to Vellore ‘Little Mysore’ but later they were
    shifted to Calcutta in 1806. His descendents consisting of 52 people left Madras
    by sea on Aug 28. This included Tipu Sultan’s 12 sons & 24 grandsons. (Of all of
    Tipu Sultan’s sons Ghulam Muhammad is the only notable one). One of Ghula
    Muhammad’s grandsons and a great grandson were in turn sherieffs of
    Calcutta in 1891 and 1913. The family lived on Royal pensions in and around
    Calcutta. There after the position of some branches of the family deteriorated,
    until today's descendents of Tipu Sultan are to be found in many of the humblest
    walks of life, mainly in Bengal.