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British woman in city talks on research on Tipu

Besides fighting the British, Tipu Sultan had another obsession - Tigers. And a wooden tiger he got made became instrumental in kindling the fire for research in a British woman. Anne Buddle who is working with National Galleries of Scotland one day dusted off an old wooden tiger sitting in the storeroom. She found out that there is some mechanism through which the tiger performs the act of eating a European soldier. There was also this shriek of that soldier recorded an organ attached to the tiger. "We call it automaton. It is a nice blend of Indian wooden work and French technique. When I finally managed to make it work my interest in Tipu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore, grew," she said. Since then she has been trying to find out all objects associated with Tipu and understand the "great fighter who found time to get tiger motifs prepared on many a thing." Buddle has seen frowned looks, a bit of resentment and also received wholesome cooperation from unexpected quarters because her research focused on an "enemy of the British throne." In the beginning of her research she thought she would not get help in India, again, because sherepresented a "former enemy." But Indian authorities opened their doors and extended all possible help to her in organising the bicentennial exhibition on Tipu in Scotland last year. "It was a huge success. Busloads of people used to come from different parts of Britain and Europe to observe the personality of Tipu Sultan through the objects possessed by him or were related to him," she said. The exhibition will soon be on the web for everybody to watch. Buddle felt that Tipu Sultan was ahead of his times. He understood the relevance of technology as none of his contemporary rulers did. "Mind you, he also had an artistic bent of mind," she said. Buddle is on a lecture-tour and research of India. She has already given talks at Museum of Indology in Ahmedabad and at Salar Jung Museum. Her tour includes, of course, Mysore.
--- Deccan Herald