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Records of the Bharat Itihasa Shamshodhak Mandali, Poona

Daftar-i-Diwani, Hyderabad

Khutut-i-Tipu Sultan (Manuscript in the possession of Prof.Askari, Patna University, Patna)

The Register of Tipu Sultan's Dreams : (Ethe' 3001/I,O. Mss.3563)

Persian :

Nishan-I-Haidari, Hussain Ali Kirmani, Bombay - 1890

Fath-ul-Mujahidin, Zainul-Abiddin Shustri, (Ed. Dr.Mahmud Hussain Khan, Karachi, 1952)

Hadiqat-ul-Alam by Mir Abdul Qasim (Mir Alam), Hyderabad, 1266 A.H./1850 A.D.

A Persian Manuscript History of Mysore by A.Q.Sarvari, Mysore University Journal, Vol.V, No.1.

Karnam-I-Haidari by Abdur Rahim, Calcutta, 1846


French :

CUNAT, Histoire du Baille de suffren, Rennes, 1852

MANTORT, L.F., Memoirs (1752 - 1802), Paris, 1895

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M.M.D.L.T., Hyder Shah, Paris, 1784

Tantet, M.V., L' Ambassade de Tippoo Sahib a Paris en 1788, Paris 1899

English :

1772-73 : State of the East India Company : Reports of the Committee of Secrecy appointed by the House of Commons

1781 : "Dundas Committee", Causes of the War in the Carnatic and the Present Conditions of the British Possessions in these Parts

First Report - Irruption of Haidar Ali into the Canatic

RAY H.C., Some India Office Letters of the Reign of Tipu Sultan, Calcutta, 1941

STEWART, Charles, Tipu's Oriental Library and Memoirs of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, London, 1809

Tracts :

Letters to a Lord on Indian Affairs, 1780, London, 1771

Narrative Sketches of the Conquest of Mysore, London, 1800

English Contemporary Publications :

ALLAN, Captain, Views in the Mysore Country, London, 1794

--, Account of the Campaigns in Mysore, Calcutta, 1799

DIROM, Major, Narrative of the Campaign in India, which terminated the War with Tipu Sultan in 1792, London, 1794

MACKENZIE, Lt.Rodrick, Sketch of the War with Tipu Sultan (1789-92), 2 Vols., Calcutta, 1794.

MUNROE, Innes, Narrative of the Military Operations against the Combined Forces of the French, Dutch and Hyder Ali (1780-84), London, 1789

Secondary Sources :

Authentic Memoirs of Tipoo Sultan by an Officer of the East India Service, Calcutta, 1819

BOWRING L.B., Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, Oxford, 1893

BRIGGS, H.G., The Nizam : His History and Relations with the British Government, 2 Vols., London, 1861

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BROWN, C.P., Memoirs of Haidar and Tipu ( A translation of R.Ramchandra Punganuri's Marathi Book), Madras, 1849

BUCHANAN, H.F., A Journey from Madras through Countries of Mysore, Canara and Malabar, Malabar, 1807

COUTEUR, J., Letters Chiefly from India containing an Account of the Military Transactions, London, 1790

----, Cochin Manual, Cochin, 1931

----, The Country of Tipu Sultan, London, 1800

DARLYMPLE, Account of Tipu Sultan, Vol.I, London, 1793

Haider Ali, Hisory of Haider Ali or New Memoirs Concerning East Indies with Historical Notes, 2 Vols., London, 1784

HAYAVADANA Rao, C., History of Mysore, 3 Vols., Bangalore, 1946

---, Tales of Hyder Ali

LAWRENCE, A.W., Captives of Tipu Sultan, London, 1929

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WILLIAMS, R.(ed).,  Great Men of India, Chapter on Tipu Sultan by H.H.Dodwell

Periodicals and Other Publications :

BAQAI, I.H., "The Death of Haidar Ali" in Islamic Culture, Vol.21 (1947), pp.167-71

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BASAVARAJA (K.R), History and Culture of Karnataka, Chalukya 1984, Chapter XV, Pages - 243-281

Unpublished Sources :

India Office Library, London.

Government Records.

Orme Manuscripts.

Mackenzie Collections, Vols.III, XLI, XLIII, LV.

Other European Manuscripts.

Persian Manuscripts.

British Museum :

European Manuscripts (Addl.Mss.)

Persian Manuscripts

Other Libraries and Record Offices :

Bibliotheque Nationale (Department des Manuscripts), Paris, France.

Archives Nationales, Paris, France.

Ministere de la Guerre, Paris, France.

Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres, Paris, France.

National Archives, New Delhi

Tamilnadu Archives (Madras Record Office)

Bibliotheque Publique, Pondicherry

Archives of Port Louis, Mauritius

Mackenzie Manuscripts

Marathi Records

Kannada Records

Dutch Records

Portuguese Records

Turkish Records

Persian Records
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